Places To Dive In Europe

1. The Zenobia, Cyprus

For daring divers that love wrecks, this dive has been described as one of the best in the world for its size and pristine condition. The seawater preserves the wreck at 15-40 meters so there is plenty to explore for beginners and experienced divers. You will want to dive Cyprus again and again.

Depth – max 42 meters

2. The Blue Hole, Gozo (Malta)

On the west coast of Gozo lies Dwerja, a place of extraordinary natural beauty. The Blue Hole is a very popular dive here, given the absurdity of its formation. It is a naturally formed, vertical chimney, 25m deep and roughly 10m wide. 8m down the chimney is an arch that connects to the open sea – making for an exciting dive for all levels of divers.

Depth – max 27 meters

3. Secca Della Colombara, Italy

These calm Mediterranean waters feature a steep wall decorated in beautiful coral and sponges whilst shoals of barracuda, amberjack and crayfish pass by. Keep the wall to your right and follow it to find a wreck. It has been voted one of the best dives in Europe.

Depth – max 35 meters

4. Punta Omo Morto, Ustica, Italy

A great dive site that is always tranquil due to its sheltered location. It’s a fantastic dive for mixed ability groups who want to see plenty of wildlife. In the caverns, there is always plenty of fish and even a chance to spot large conger eels and shrimp. This is a perfect alternative dive if rough weather prevents diving in the other sites around Ustica.

Depth – max 18 meters

5. Anchor Bay, Malta

The strong north-easterly winds of Malta can make some of the dive sites too risky to explore. Anchor Bay, however, is sheltered, and safe to dive even when the winds pick up. There’s a large underwater cave where you can usually spot eels, grouper fish and parrot fish. This is a great dive for beginner to intermediate levels.

Depth – max 28 meters

6. Chios Island, Greece

The shores of this Greek island are home to undersea caves, paths, colorful rocks, reefs, and walls. It is great for all levels of divers who want to explore the abundance of underwater flora and fauna in Greece.

Depth – max 32 meters