Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer is a great choice for scuba divers who want an easy-to-use wrist computer, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s also ideal for new and technical divers and also for people who already have another dive computer.

The package includes everything you need to get started with it right away: the watch itself, a charger and cord, two sets of batteries (one set installed), an instruction manual, and a warranty card that must be filled out before sending it back if there are any problems with the product.

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer
Shearwater Teric Dive Computer

Features & Specs

  • Configurable Gradient Factors
  • Uses Bühlmann ZHL-16c algorithm
  • Optional wireless tank pressure transmitters
  • Bluetooth
  • Vibration alerts
  • Supports Open-Circuit, Fixed PO2, Gauge, and Freediving Modes
  • 2 Lithium Ion batteries


  • Stylish and compact display
  • Easy to use
  • 15 different display options
  • Multiple colored wrist band available
  • 4 Different modes
  • Supports up to 4 transmitters
  • Air integration support


  • Some vibration alerts may miss during the dives
  • Can not be used as a smartwatch
  • Some people may not afford it

Shearwater Teric Review

This is one of my favorite dive computers. The Shearwater Teric is a great choice for any diver, from beginners to pros. It’s easy to use and well designed, with lots of features that are all easy to access and use.

The display is large enough that you can see it clearly underwater or in low light conditions (if you’re on land). There are several different modes available: air mode displays depth and time; nitrox mode gives more information about your oxygen levels; gauge mode shows only depth information; freediving mode has no alarms set up so you can dive without worrying about hitting ascend/decend limits or getting distracted by audible alarms when trying something new like spearfishing etc…

The watch itself is made from stainless steel and has buttons on both sides so that it can be worn on either hand comfortably; this is important if you’re diving in cold water where fingers may become numb quickly! The buttons are easy enough to use even when wearing thick gloves because they have large surfaces area so your fingers can find them easily without much effort needed from your part–there aren’t many other watches out there like this one which makes things easier when trying new things underwater like taking pictures or video footage!



Unboxing is a great way to get excited about a new product. It’s also the first step in using it, and can give you an idea of how easy or difficult it will be to use.

The items included in the packages are:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Charger
  • Holder
  • Wrist Straps
  • Cover
  • Data Cable
  • Tools


The Shearwater Teric is made of high quality materials and built to last. It’s well constructed and durable, so you can count on it for years to come. This wrist dive computer is reliable, sturdy, and built to withstand the rigors of scuba diving.

Shearwater Teric Performance

The Shearwater Teric Wrist Dive Computer is a great dive computer for the price. It is easy to use, durable and has a long battery life. It also has some great features like being able to download your dives and review them on your computer or phone, as well as being able to share them with friends.

The display screen is large and easy to read underwater, even in low visibility conditions thanks to its backlight feature which you can turn off if it bothers you while on land or above water (I found this helpful when taking photos). The backlight will automatically turn off after 20 seconds so there isn’t any need for manual switching off if that’s what bothers you about other wrist computers like Suunto EON Core or Mares Puck Pro+ which have fixed lights that stay on until manually turned off by pressing button combination (Suunto) or holding down buttons simultaneously for several seconds (Mares).

Easy to use

It is very easy to use. The display is large, clear and easy to read. The menu system is simple and straightforward with buttons that are clearly labeled so you can navigate through the menus without any confusion.


It is a sleek and compact design that is easy to use and read. The buttons are large enough that you can easily press them, even if you’re wearing thick gloves or have wet hands. The display screen also lights up in low-light conditions so that you can see your stats clearly no matter what time of day it is.

The computer itself is easy to maintain; all you need is one screwdriver and some lubricant (provided) and most repairs can be made right at home! If something does go wrong with this device though, don’t worry–the manufacturer offers excellent customer service with quick turnaround times so that any problems will be resolved quickly without hassle or delay.

The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer comes pre-programmed with standard dive data including depth information down to 1,000 feet/305 meters; total dive time at each depth level; surface interval timer between dives; average ascent rate (if applicable); temperature sensor readings throughout your entire dive session

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Modes

  1. Air (Simple air mode for everyday diving)
  2. Nitrox (Up to 40%)
  3. Gas Nitrox (Up to 100% O2)
  4. Gauge

It features a wide range of modes, including Air, Nitrox and Gauge. It also has a Free Dive mode that allows you to track bottom time without any other information. The Apnea mode is used when you’re freediving or spearfishing without scuba gear.

The modes are customizable so you can choose what kind of information is most important for your diving needs and if it’s something other than what comes standard on this wrist computer (such as water temperature), then it’s easy enough to add in yourself via the software update function found on Shearwater’s website.

You can change between these different types during an actual dive by pressing buttons on either side of the screen; there are no complicated steps involved with switching between them because everything happens through simple button presses instead! This makes changing modes seamless while underwater too; simply press once for air and twice more for nitrox…or whatever combination works best for whatever situation arises!



The Shearwater Teric’s 3.53cm display is large enough and easy to read, with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. It’s sharp, the colors are vibrant, and it has an anti-reflective coating that makes it easy to read in low light situations. In bright light conditions (like direct sunlight), you can adjust the backlight to change its intensity or turn off altogether if you want to save battery life. It has 15 colour options available for display.

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer’s Memory

It features a memory of up to 50 hours, which can store up to 20 dives. The computer can also store up to 10 profiles and 10 nitrox mixes.

It also has a gas mix capacity of 10 gas mixes


Runtime is the amount of time you can spend underwater. The Shearwater Teric has a maximum runtime of 100 hours, which means that if you use it for one hour every day for 100 days straight, you’ll still have some battery life left over.

It also has a maximum depth capability of 650 feet (200 meters). This means that if you dive deeper than 91 meters with this watch on your wrist, it will not be able to accurately measure your dive profile, so don’t do that!


The Teric wrist computer comes in a variety of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Blue


Shearwater offers a 1-year warranty on their electronics, which covers manufacturer defects. The warranty is limited to the first owner and is non-transferable.

You can also purchase an extended warranty that covers any problems that may arise during normal use of your device for up to 3 years after the purchase date.


We have compared Shearwater with the below dive computers, here are the results:

1. Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Vs ScubaPro G2 Dive Computer

The Shearwater Teric and ScubaPro G2 r are both good dive computers. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

The Shearwater Teric is a little more expensive than the ScubaPro G2 Dive Computer, but it offers better features for those who want to use it as an everyday watch as well as on dives. It has an altimeter function so you can track how high above sea level you’re going, which is useful if you’re hiking or climbing mountains like Mount Everest (the highest point on earth). The screen size is also larger than other dive computers at 1 inch by 2 inches–big enough for easy reading underwater or on land!

The only thing missing from this model compared to others in its price range is Bluetooth smoothness; however, this should not be considered a deal breaker since most people don’t need this feature anyway.

2. Shearwater Teric Vs Garmin Mk2 Dive Computer

Both the Shearwater Teric Dive Computer and the Garmin Mk2i Dive Computer are excellent dive computers. They both have a plethora of features that will help you get the most out of your underwater experience, but there are some key differences between them.

The Teric is more compact than the Garmin Mk2i, and it has a touchscreen interface that was designed with underwater use in mind. The Garmin Mk2i uses physical buttons instead of a touchscreen, which can be harder to use when diving because they can get wet and slippery.

The Teric also has an integrated altimeter, which means it doesn’t require an additional device to measure your depth like the Garmin Mk2i does. That makes it easier to use while diving because there’s less equipment involved.

3. Shearwater Teric Vs Shearwater Research Peregrine Dive Computer

Shearwater Teric is better than Shearwater Research Peregrine Dive Computer in several ways. The Teric has a larger display, which means that it’s easier to read. It also has an intuitive user interface and comes with a longer warranty.

The Teric is also more accurate than the Shearwater Research Peregrine Dive Computer because it uses a 3-axis tilt sensor instead of a 2-axis tilt sensor. This means that it can detect changes in pitch, roll and yaw at any angle (as opposed to only when you’re facing up or down).

Wrap Up

Overall, this is a great dive computer. It has a lot of features and it’s easy to use. If you’re looking for something simple that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles then this may not be the best choice for you. But if you want something with more functionality than average then I would definitely recommend checking out the Shearwater Teric dive computer!


How to pair Shearwater Teric with Transmitter?

You can pair it using Shearwater App.

How do I register Shearwater Teric?

You can do it by navigating to the Cloud panel, and clicking “Register” to create a new account.

What algorithm does it use?

It uses Bühlmann ZHL-16c algorithm

How to change the time on Teric?

The date and time can be set in the Settings > Watch menu.

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