Diver Down Flag

A Diver Down Flag is used by scuba divers and snorkelers as a warning to other boaters that they are in the water and may be submerged. The Diver Down Flag is primarily used during boat operations. This flag is used when divers are not in direct contact with their boat or shore parties, it must be displayed at all times when diving from a boat or shore party.

It is an international standard used to warn other boaters that a diver is in the water. The Diver Down Flag has a yellow triangular background with a black diagonal stripe across it. This flag can be used by both scuba divers and snorkelers, though some countries may have additional rules depending on how close you are to shore or other boats.

What Is A Diver Down Flag?

The diver down flag is used to alert other boaters that there is a diver in the water. The flag can be used as a warning sign, or it can be placed on boats to indicate that they have divers on board.

The standard diving flag features an orange panel at its top, with diagonal stripes of white and red extending down from it. The color scheme is meant to resemble an inverted French tricolor, which stands for “security” under maritime law. It also evokes courage and strength—two qualities essential for anyone hoping for a successful dive.[1]

What does a diver down flag look like?

The diver down flag is a yellow flag with a black diagonal stripe. This flag should be at least 9 square feet in size, and it should be mounted on a pole that’s at least 5-1/2 feet tall when extended. The diver down flag is used to indicate that someone has gone underwater to do something dangerous or risky (like diving).

If you see this flag waving above the water, keep your distance and wait for further instructions from whoever put up the diver down pole before you proceed with whatever task you were working on.

What are the two types of diver down flags?

There are two types of diver down flags: the red and yellow. The red flag is used when divers are in the water and may be submerged, while the yellow is used when divers are on the surface and may be floating.

What Type Of Flag Should You Use?

The diver down flag is used to indicate that there are scuba divers in the water. There are many different types of flags, including a red and yellow flag, red and white pennant, or even a yellow flag with black stripes or diagonal stripes.

In most cases, it’s best to use a flag with two colors: one main color (like red) and another secondary color (like yellow). This helps people see the flag from far away so they can identify what it represents before they get too close!

Why Have Different Colored Dive Flags?

There are several reasons for the different colored dive flags. First, it is important that you know the meaning of each flag before diving. These colors have specific meanings, so it is important to understand them in advance. The most common flags used at dive sites include:

The red flag means “Diver Down.” This indicates there is someone in the water and they are at their own risk. It also signals a no-diving zone until further notice because something might be wrong with another diver or equipment on his or her person that poses danger to others in the water (e.g., improper gear).

The yellow flag means “Caution.” This means there are some potential hazards at this site but nothing too serious enough to stop diving entirely; however, divers should exercise caution when entering or exiting the water due to possible debris or currents from other boats in close proximity nearby which could cause problems during entry/exit procedures (i.e., don’t enter/exit over boat lines!).

Green Flag: This signalizes safe conditions for all divers present on site so long as they follow proper protocol while conducting their activity within specified limits set forth by local regulations governing public waters where private permission has been granted access permission by landowner(s) prior as well as any other applicable laws governing public access into private property adjacent areas adjacent public lands owned by various types (federal state county municipal town etc).

How far to stay away from diver down flag?

The flag should be placed approximately 100 yards from the diver, and at least 50 yards from the boat if it’s moving faster than 10 knots.

A Diver Down Flag is used by scuba divers and snorkelers as a warning to other boaters that they are in the water and may be submerged. They are normally red with a white diagonal stripe running from the upper left corner to lower right corner.


A Diver Down Flag is very important in the water. It not only alerts other boaters that you’re there, but it also helps them stay away from your location so they don’t accidentally run into you. If you’re going out on a boat this summer, make sure to bring one along with some other safety equipment like life jackets and first aid kits!

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