Do wetsuit boots go over or under?

I’ve always wondered about this myself. I’ve never been the most fashionable person, and my booties are definitely not stylish. However, I believe that it is important to know how to put them on properly so that you don’t look like a total amateur when you’re diving. If you want to learn do wetsuit boots go over or under then read this guide!

That depends on the type of booties you’re wearing

  • Neoprene boots. Neoprene booties are thin and flexible, so they should go over the top of your wetsuit. The tight fit will prevent water from seeping in between your feet and the suit.
  • Hard-soled boots. If you wear hard-soled boots with a regular heel (like sneakers), they should go underneath your wetsuit so that there’s no chance of them sticking out at an awkward angle when you’re wearing them in different ways for different activities like surfing or skiing on land.
  • Making sure the booties are tight enough to prevent water from getting in there too is also important, because if it does get inside then it can expand as it warms up and cause blisters or worse: infections!

If you are wearing neoprene booties, they go over the suit.

Do wetsuit boots go over or under? If you are going to wear neoprene booties over your wetsuit, they need to be short enough so that you don’t trip on them when walking. If your suit is long and covers your knees, then you may want a shorter bootie to avoid tripping.

When you wear boots with a hard sole and have a long wetsuit that comes up over the knee, then it’s best to wear those boots under your suit. Otherwise, the bottom of the neoprene booties will rub against the top of the hard sole causing friction and possibly discomfort for some people as well as causing damage over time due to this constant rubbing against each other which can cause holes in both items (the wetsuit and the neoprene).

Wear boots with a hard sole

Do wetsuit boots go over or under? If you wear boots with a hard sole, they go under the wetsuit. Neoprene booties go over. If in doubt, ask your instructor.

Always remember to put your booties on over or under the wetsuit!

Okay, so you’ve just put your suit on, but how do you put your booties on? This can be a very confusing conundrum to many people and there is no right or wrong answer.

If you are wearing neoprene booties and want them over the suit then they go over the wetsuit. There are some people who would like them under their wetsuit because it eliminates any slipping around that may happen when walking around in the water. If you have boots with a hard sole then most likely it will be easier for your foot to slip into if they are placed under rather than above as well as helping keep things dryer by not allowing water from entering through cracks of laces or gaps between toes etc.

When putting on your booties always remember to put one foot in at a time and make sure everything is sealed up before moving on to the next step!

Conclusion: Do wetsuit boots go over or under?

Always remember that the placement of your wetsuit booties depends on what type of boot you’re wearing. If you wear neoprene booties, they go over the suit. If you wear boots with a hard sole, they go under the wetsuit.

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