Do you wear underwear under a wetsuit?

The wetsuit industry is a cruel and unusual place, both for the people who have to wear them and for those of us who have to look at them. But there’s one part that often goes unnoticed: undergarments. Underwear is an essential part of any wetsuit, but not all types are created equal. And yes, you should wear underwear under your wetsuit! Do you wear underwear under a wetsuit? Wearing the wrong kind can lead to chafing or even cuts on your skin that will prevent you from diving again for weeks—or worse!

Yes, wear underwear under your wetsuit

Wetsuit material is water-resistant but not waterproof, and if you’re wearing one for more than an hour or two at a time, moisture will be forced to escape through the seams of your wetsuit. You can wear tight underwear without any chafing or rashes—just make sure they’re dry before putting on your suit!

Additionally, wearing underwear keeps you warm (if you’re using a thin layer) and prevents sunburns on delicate areas like…uhm…private parts.

Wear a thin layer of clothes under your wetsuit

Do you wear underwear under a wetsuit? When you wear a wetsuit, you’re essentially wearing a second skin. That means that when you wear underwear, they could get squeezed and chafed. So, instead of wearing underwear under your wetsuit, try wearing a thin layer of clothes like:

  • A T-shirt. This will protect the sensitive areas in between the waistband and crotch area (or whatever else is rubbing) from getting chafed by the neoprene material. You can also opt for tank tops for men or sports bras for women if you don’t want to show off your chest to everyone around you… but who said life was fair?
  • Shorts or board shorts with built-in briefs/boxers/etc.. This guards against friction on sensitive areas as well as preventing any chaffing between the waistband and crotch area (or whatever else is rubbing).

It’s important not to wear cotton clothing because it doesn’t dry quickly enough when wet; this means it can cause discomfort while swimming and sweating profusely after getting out of cold water!

Avoid wearing cotton clothing

Do you wear underwear under a wetsuit? If you’re wearing a wetsuit, avoid wearing cotton clothing. Cotton absorbs water and dries slowly, which makes it a poor choice for wetsuits. Additionally, because cotton has a tendency to stretch out of shape after repeated wearings and washings, the material may cause chafing when paired with an uncomfortably tight suit.

Don’t wear anything you’re scared to lose!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: You should never wear anything you’re afraid of losing. If you don’t want to lose your underwear, then don’t wear underwear under your wetsuit!

This might sound like a joke, but it’s not. Many people are still very nervous about wearing nothing but their bathing suit on top and bottom. They wear an undershirt and boxer-briefs (or briefs) to protect their feet and prevent chafing. But the truth is that nothing will protect your feet from rubbing against each other if you’re wearing cotton clothing inside your neoprene wetsuit. In fact, cotton can absorb water quickly which could lead to overheating or even hypothermia in extreme cases.[1]

Do you wear underwear under a wetsuit? It’s also important not to wear cotton clothing because it tends not only trap moisture inside its fibers but also let colder air reach closer than necessary. It’s better instead just stick with synthetic materials like polyester (which is less likely than cotton).

You might be wondering whether or not there are any benefits at all? The short answer: no!

You should wear underwear to protect your feet and prevent chafing

You should wear underwear to protect your feet and prevent chafing. When you’re wearing a wetsuit, the only thing that’s going to be touching your body is the cloth of the suit itself, so it’s important to have something between you and that material.

Wearing underwear will help prevent rubbing or chafing on sensitive areas that might otherwise get irritated by rubbing up against the suit. It will also keep your feet from getting cold if they’re exposed to water seeping into the neck opening of your wetsuit. Wearing cotton clothing under your wetsuit can lead to skin irritation because of its absorbent properties; instead opt for a thin layer such as silk or synthetic fibers that won’t trap moisture against your skin

Conclusion: Do you wear underwear under a wetsuit?

As far as underwear is concerned, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you’re the type of person who gets cold easily, it might be worth investing in a pair of long johns or thermals. If not, then stick with what works for you and don’t worry about it too much!

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