What does a dive computer do?

A dive computer is a device, usually worn on the wrist like a watch, that monitors a diver’s depth and time underwater. It can be as simple as an analog watch with depth and air pressure readouts or they can be more complex with multiple sensors and computer chips. Dive computers are essential to safe diving practices because they help divers avoid running out of air or getting too deep in the water where their bodies will no longer be able to handle the pressure change. They are also used by scuba divers who want to keep track of how long they’ve been submerged and how much air is left in their tanks before surfacing

What is a Dive Computer?

Itr is a device that’s used to monitor the depth of a dive and calculate how much time is left underwater. It also measures the diver’s temperature and air supply, giving them information on how long they can stay underwater.

The Anatomy of a Dive Computer

It’s a wrist-mounted device that has a display screen. Dive computers can be used by both professional and recreational divers alike to calculate how much air you have left in your tank.

The evolution of dive computers

Dive computers have come a long way from their beginnings in the 1960s. First dive computer was invented by Jacques Cousteau, but it wasn’t really functional until the 1970s. The first military version of this device was tested in 1971 and then released for commercial use later that decade. And, the first commercially available dive computers were analog, bulky and heavy, and not waterproof (though they did work underwater).

The dive computer gives you feedback on how much air you have left in your tank

They can calculate how much air you have left in your tank. It will also tell you how long you can stay underwater after surfacing and how much time until you need to surface.

The dive computer will tell you how long you can stay underwater after surfacing.

They help divers gauge when it is safe to ascend from the water. It also tells you how much air is remaining in your tank so there’s no need for an extra device to calculate this information.

What happens if your dive computer stops working?

If your dive computer stops working, you can use a dive table to calculate your dive time. Dive tables are available online or in many diving instruction manuals (like the PADI Recreational Dive Planner). Dive tables are organized by depth and temperature, so all you need to do is find the right combination of depths and temperatures that match where you’re diving. You can then estimate how much air will be left in your tank at the end of that specified time period based on the amount of nitrogen absorbed during each minute of scuba diving. Here’s an example: if two hours have elapsed since entering the water at 60 feet with an 80-degree Fahrenheit surface temperature, then there should still be 1 hour and 18 minutes worth of air left at this depth/temperature combination.

The dive computer accumulates data on the diver

The dive computer accumulates data on the diver and stores it in memory. The data is used to calculate the diver’s decompression status, as well as their ability to safely ascend or descend. In this way, at can help you avoid decompression sickness (DCS).

The accumulated dive time is how much time you’ve been underwater since your last ascent or descent. This information can be used by the dive computer to calculate your remaining bottom time and identify if you’re at risk of DCS based on your current depth and rate of ascent/descent.

Dive computers have become ubiquitous

It is common to see them in the hands of even inexperienced divers. Dive shops sell them, and online stores offer a wide variety of models at various price points. The most basic dive computers are around $100, with the more advanced ones going for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some are available in more than one brand; others have only one manufacturer. You can also choose between styles that range from simple black boxes with no display to multicolored wristbands with a touch screen on top.


We hope you enjoyed learning about dive computers. Dive computers can be a useful tool for divers and snorkelers. They are not only used to keep track of your depth and time spent underwater but also record information on how much air is left in your tank. They are important pieces of equipment for scuba divers because they help prevent accidents that could result in serious injury or even death.

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