Why are wetsuits black?

Wetsuits are designed to protect surfers from cold water and help them stay warm. They’re also designed to keep dirt and stains from showing up on your suit so you can keep your gear looking clean as long as possible. But why do they have to be black? Why not blue or grey like other types of swimwear? The reason is simple: black wetsuits work better than any other color!

Black is the Best Color for Absorbing Heat

The reason black is the best color for a wetsuit is because it absorbs heat. Heat reflects off of white surfaces and other bright colors, but it is absorbed by black surfaces. So instead of your body having to use its own energy to keep itself warm (because it’s reflecting the sun’s rays away), it can simply absorb the warmth from the water around you.

Black also has higher thermal conductivity than any other color — which means that when you have a black wetsuit on, there will be less of an air gap between your skin and the neoprene fabric of your suit, which in turn lets more heat pass directly through your body and into the surrounding water below — right where it needs to go in order for you stay warm!

So whether you’re just looking to maximize snorkeling time or want something that’s going to perform well as part of an open-water swim team uniform — look no further than an all-black suit!

Black Absorbs More UV Rays

Black is the most popular color for wetsuits because it absorbs more ultraviolet (UV) light than other colors. UV rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer, but they also have negative effects on your eyes. Studies have shown that exposure to UV light can lead to cataracts and advanced macular degeneration in the eye, so it’s important to protect yourself from these harmful rays by wearing a black wetsuit.

Black is a slimming color

A black wetsuit is slimming. The more you wear, the slimmer you get—it’s a fact! Black is also a neutral color that looks good on everyone. It’s classic, classy, sophisticated (and all the other “classy” words). Above all else it’s professional; so if your goal is to look like a pro or be respected by your peers as an authority in the field of scuba diving or surfing then this article was written especially for you.

Black doesn’t reflect light

The reason why wetsuits are black is because they absorb light, rather than reflecting it. When light hits a surface, it bounces back at you. If the surface is dark, then most of that energy will be absorbed by that surface and very little of it will bounce back at you. This doesn’t mean that black wetsuits don’t reflect any light—they do—but they just don’t reflect as much as other colors would and so appear more matte in appearance.

Black also gets points for being slimming and flattering in general (which explains why so many clothing lines use black models), but its use for wetsuits has little to do with this effect: Wetsuits were originally designed as swimwear for surfers who wanted something warm but didn’t want to wear bright primary colors or even pastels (yikes).

Black wetsuits keep diver warmer

Black wetsuits keep scuba divers warmer, hide dirt and stains better, don’t give away your position, and make you look slimmer.

You’ve probably heard the popular theory that black wetsuits are best because they absorb more UV rays and keep surfers warmer. While this is true, the real reason people wear black wetsuits has to do with what they don’t do: reflect light.

When you’re wearing a wetsuit, you want it to be as close to your skin as possible so that there is no extra barrier between you and the water. Black absorbs light instead of reflecting it like other colors do (like white), which can make you feel warmer in cold water or cooler in warm water without having to overheat with an extra layer of clothing on top of your suit.


Black is a great color for wetsuits. It absorbs heat, hides dirt and stains, and doesn’t reflect light. If you’re looking to buy one of these suits for yourself or someone else this winter season, it’s worth considering black as an option!

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