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Pearl Harbor is the most famous military base in the United States. It’s home to the USS Arizona Memorial, a World War II monument that commemorates those who lost their lives on December 7th, 1941. This landmark is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hawaii, but what about diving at Pearl Harbor? Is it possible? Can you do scuba diving in pearl harbor? What’s there to see underwater? We answer these questions and more below!

Can you scuba dive in pearl harbor?

Yes, you can do scuba diving in Pearl Harbor.

However, if you’re not certified to dive and don’t have the proper certifications from the Diving Certification Board of Hawaii (DCBH), then no. No one is allowed to dive at Pearl Harbor unless they are a certified diver with at least 50 logged dives. If someone were to try diving without those qualifications, they could be fined up to $5,000 or spend up to six months in jail—or both!

It’s also important to note that while you can’t just jump into any water and start exploring its depths without proper training and certification, there are still many other ways to explore Pearl Harbor as well as enjoy some amazing snorkeling opportunities around it!

Pearl Harbor water deepness

Pearl Harbor is a deep water port and shipyard, with depths of up to 100 feet. The harbor itself is about 50 feet deep, but some areas around the memorials and museum are deeper than that.

How many ships are sunk at pearl harbor?

There are more than a dozen ships that were sunk during the attack. The majority of them are at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, with their wreckage still there because it is too dangerous to remove it.

Getting to pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii, a state in the United States. It sits on Oahu Island, which is one of the smaller islands in the chain making up Hawaii. Pearl Harbor can be accessed by car, bus or train from Honolulu’s Waikiki district on foot. There are also direct flights from other cities within Hawaii as well as from other parts of the U.S., such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

There are ferries that run from Honolulu to Ford Island at Pearl Harbor (but these do not run regularly and require reservations). You may also take tours offered by several companies that take you out into Honolulu Bay for a closer view of where the USS Arizona Memorial sunk during World War II; this tour will allow you to learn about what happened there during wartime while also providing an opportunity to swim at one of two beaches along its shoreline: Makapuu Beach Park or Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Things you can do in pearl harbor besides the memorials?

While Pearl Harbor Memorial is the most famous site in Pearl Harbor and a must-see, there are many other places to visit in Hawaii.

Visiting the Pacific War Museum is one of the best ways to learn more about World War II and America’s involvement in it. The museum contains exhibits on military history and artifacts from throughout the war, giving visitors a sense of what life was like for soldiers and civilians alike during those years.

The World War II Memorial honors those who fought and died in World War II. It features statues depicting scenes from those years as well as quotations from notable Americans about their experiences during the war.

You can also visit other historic sites around Honolulu such as Aloha Tower Marketplace (a shopping area), Fort DeRussy Beach Park (one of several beaches near Honolulu), or any number of restaurants serving traditional Hawaiian cuisine like lau lau (steamed pork) or poi (a purple paste made from taro root).

Spots at Pearl Harbor

There are several monuments and memorials around Pearl Harbor that you can visit. The USS Arizona Memorial is the most popular, and it honors those who served aboard the battleship and were killed in action when she sank during the attack. The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park has a number of artifacts from World War II on display, including an actual submarine that was used during the war.

The Battleship Missouri Memorial includes exhibits about her role in Japan surrendering to Allied forces at the end of the war. The Utah Memorial commemorates sailors who died when their ship was attacked by Japanese aircraft during the attack on Pearl Harbor, while Oklahoma Memorial honors those who perished in another destroyer that capsized after being hit by bombs during an air raid at Ford Island Naval Air Station (now known as Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam). Lanai Lookout offers sweeping views over all three islands — Oahu, Maui and Molokai — and if you go up there at night with binoculars, you might even see Hawaiian monk seals sunning themselves on some rocks nearby!

Another must-see is US Navy Seabees Monument (also called Fort DeRussy), which pays tribute to construction battalions (CBs) or “Seabees” who built airstrips across Southeast Asia during World War II; this monument has been designated as one of Hawaii’s state monuments since 1960 because CBs worked hard every day without complaining while they built airstrips in hot climates where temperatures reached 120 degrees Fahrenheit every day!

From Honolulu to pearl harbor

If you’re looking to visit Pearl Harbor, you’ll need to consider four factors: distance, time of day, cost, and desire to get wet. The distance from Honolulu to Pearl Harbor is about 20 miles (32 km). Driving on the island’s main highway H-1 can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour depending on traffic conditions. The best time of day for driving this stretch of road is usually in the afternoon during rush hour when most people are leaving work in Honolulu or waking up from their naps in Waikiki.

Honolulu has two main bus terminals that service visitors: Ala Moana Center and Kapalama Shopping Center & Bus Terminal (Kapolei). Both are located within walking distance from Waikiki Beach; however, Kapalama is closer by about 2 miles (3 km). If you’re traveling with a large group then consider renting your own shuttle van which will save money because each person will only have to pay $6 round trip instead of $10 each way if they were taking separate buses.

How busy is pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor is not a year-round attraction, but it does get busier during certain times of the year. The peak season for visiting Pearl Harbor is between April and September, during which time you’ll find many more visitors than usual at the memorials. During summer and memorial day weekends in particular, expect large crowds to visit the sights—more than 100% over capacity on some days!

In contrast, if you visit between October and March when school is out of session and fewer tourists are vacationing in Hawaii (not to mention fewer ships docking), you’ll find that your visit will be much less crowded than during peak seasons. Regardless of when you plan on visiting Pearl Harbor Beach Park, though—especially if your plans include diving or snorkeling—you will want to go early before the park starts getting too busy with other tourists walking around taking pictures or enjoying their day at one of Pearl Harbor’s beaches

The cheapest way to get to pearl harbor

The cheapest way to get to Pearl Harbor is by car. The cost will be $15.

You can also get to Pearl Harbor by bus and it will cost you around $9 per person.

The third option is train and it will cost you around $5 per person.

If you want the most comfortable way of traveling, then take a plane as it will only cost about $40 one way!

There should i stay near pearl harbor?

There are a few different areas in Honolulu, Hawaii that you can stay if you plan on diving in Pearl Harbor. The first would be Waikiki, which is the most popular area for tourists to visit and relax. This area is known for its beaches and hotels, but there are also many shops and restaurants within walking distance of each other. While there are plenty of hotels all over the island, staying at a resort in this area will give you easy access to all of its amenities without having to leave your hotel room or rental car too much during your trip.

Another option is Kakaako, which is located just east of Waikiki along Ala Moana Boulevard (Highway 99). This district used to house sugar cane fields before becoming an industrial park after WWII; however now it has become home to high-rise apartment buildings as well as entertainment venues like theaters and sports bars—making it perfect for those who want something more than just sand between their toes!


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to visit Pearl Harbor. While you’re there, make sure to check out the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park and National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Explore more than 25 historic ships on display at Battleship Missouri Memorial and visit USS Arizona Memorial to experience firsthand a part of history that changed our world forever.

If you’re looking for more recreational diving opportunities, head over to Hanauma Bay on Oahu’s east coast for some amazing snorkeling or take a tour with Dive Oahu!

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